I got nothing!


Well I do have clichés.  The stairway to success is never ending.  Coming out of the darkness is grand.  Coming into the light!  The climb of success is its own reward.  The fact is I have nothing on this picture.  It has very limited value to me.  It’s a great study in black and white with lines, shapes and light to it.  It did not however meet my expectations.  It’s a marker picture.  Something I want to do better.  I am for a change in no rush and no hurry.

It’s just one of those pictures that is a decent picture but not much more.  In the long run it will get better.  I actually think the picture itself is a cliché.  Simply put the idea of a stairway is overdone.  I am not a fan of doing overdone pictures.  This picture is sort of a kick in the butt to do more and do it better.

There is nothing wrong with having these days. 


2 thoughts on “I got nothing!

  1. Thanks Andrew! it does seem that they happen occasionaly. I dont like it but I do not have to. Btw, have the same problems as you with the blog…. you know commas, typos etc. keep up the good fight!


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