I effing love science!


Combining ideas of art and science is a bit risky.  I cant help but do it.  Here we have the science of ice on the ground meeting up with the science of photography.  The combination of the too leads to art.  Those two things make it so that if you did not know it was the dead of winter you might wonder what is this picture.  It could be a slide of something under a microscope, a close up of a distant planet or it could be a bunch of ice on the ground edited in such a way that a person could wonder.

The most important word here is wonder.  That is where science and art truly meet up.  Wonder could easily become the bane of my existence.  So many tangents with not enough time to explore them all.  Look around you, I mean really look.  The things to be in awe of and have wondered over are limitless.  We get into this rut of not really being aware of what is right beneath our feet.  That is this picture in a nutshell.  I almost stepped on this ice on the ground and ruined it.  Nature was already going to do that I did not need to rush it along.

Taking time for the little things leads to wonder.  Looking around your surroundings leads to discovery.  How is that not scientific or an art?


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