On breaking the law and other risks


Unless you want to break the law, which I am not recommending in the dead of winter when it is so cold out, this is as close as you get to the amazing urban art this area displays.  I did consider …err… getting closer for a minute.  In a ridiculously rare moment of restraint I did not. 

Breaking the law was not okay with me at this moment in time.  Instead I chose to go for the far back approach that kept me safe, dry and without trespassing violations.  For the first time at this spot I found I could enjoy the graffiti on the building rather than in the building.  I really may not have had the right lens with me to truly depict that in this bleak area there are colorful spots of, well, color.

I know tons of us photographers have skirted the law to get the picture.  There is a thrill there that reminds me of my younger rebellious day.  Certainly these days are behind me, right?   I think taking some risks is just going to happen with photographers.  When is the last time you saw a painter set up on easel while trespassing?  This is one area we are lucky.  We can be stealthy; we can get in and get out fast.  

How often do we as photographers really think about the lengths we would go to for a picture?  You could look at us in all other aspects of our lives and we seem normal, law abiding, rational beings.  Toss us a camera and all bets are off.


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