Ink blots, clouds and odd visual tricks of the imagination


Let your mind wonder.  Let your eyes go in and out of focus on this picture.  It is trippy.  It is like clouds in the sky, ink blots or tree bark.  If you look long enough you see things.  For example I can see the starship enterprise if I look at it in the right way.

Other times I look at it it’s more like a gusty explosion of some creature coming out of the water.  Better yet it, the creature, might be half frozen in the sheet of water.  Is that water moving or is it frozen in space and time. You see where I am headed.

This is my brain.  One picture can produce so many questions if I let my imagination have its way with it. Now imagine going out and letting your imagination run with your photography.  Instead of looking for the shot you start looking for the oddities in a shot. How will this change what you take pictures of? This is one method I use to help me keep going on the photo a day. 


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