1913 beers and 90,000 beer bottle caps


I started to write the blog and quickly realized that it really does not matter how this all came about. What matters is what is coming about in this group of bad ideas.  This is a keep me honest picture and blog.  Its a marker picture of goals starting. In the end it will look something like this:

1913 different beers tasted with the magnificent-more-than-just-a-partner-in-crime-partner-in-crime. Requiring 11.39 years based on the most recent plan and a 54 page spreadsheet for keeping tabs on which ones are done. Our plan is subject to alterations for the approach, timeline and for beers lacking balls. (Side note: It is his job to determine which beers lack balls; I am not yet qualified to do this.  It is also his job to keep the list as it intimidates the hell out of me) 

1 beer bottle cap floor in my kitchen (20×22 roughly in size) requiring roughly 90,000 beer bottle caps.  This is dependent upon spacing of the beer bottle caps. 90,000 represent worst case scenario, in theory. I am aiming for July to actually do the tile job.  If you have spare beer bottle caps, I could use them!

1 beer bottle sculpture being completed.  This may actually never happen.  Let’s face it after the floor I may not want to deal with more beer bottle caps.  Then again during the flooring process I might need a break and get this one done.  The reality is the floor might very well need a companion sculpture in the kitchen to bring it all together.

I want to stress it’s not that any of these are precisely bad ideas.  I mean the supporting roles of the others involved really do tell a story of their own. I can just see how being attacked by Amish Militants MIGHT be at some parts of these endeavors a welcome break from the endeavors.  Lucky for me the partner in crime helps to keep me afloat and inspired on bad ideas that are so bad you really do need to just do them.


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