The Jim Jones Revue


There is something so entrancing to me about watching the creative zone other creative types get into.  I am utterly enthralled by it. This band was the epitome of that idea.  The energy they bring to a show is so ridiculous there are now words for it. The music is something like Jerry Lewis with a punk rock additive.  No picture and no words can explain this band.  Only the experience of seeing them live up in the front rows can explain it.

The piano player for half of the show had his tongue sticking out, dripping sweat and was so energetic I have no idea how he actually managed to play the piano.  The guitar/bass players were so in sync with each other it was almost synchronized.  Added to this was the feeling that I would never be able to listen to a cd.  The best part of this show was the energy in the air.  It crackled and it sparked. 

I have for a while been very intrigued with other creative types and figuring out how their creative energy flows and works.  It is like watching magic every time. Last nights show was indeed a magic music moment for me.   I would like nothing more than too see these guys play on their home turf across the big pond. 


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