The Comfort Zone Cliff



I am fascinated with pop culture type art.  I love urban expressions.  Both in one while in Chicago without my camera completes it.  I added in a camera phone to the entire pop culture experience.  I am actually more than comfortable with my camera phone now.  There was a time I would have been mortified by taking a picture with my phone. 

It is not the horrible doom I expected when using the phone. In fact it is liberating. It’s a snowball effect.  You get out of your comfort zone once and then you want it again and again and again.  It actually makes me realize how in some ways I really am stuck in a comfort zone.  I want out of that zone.  It is a bad zone.  There are a few topics left where I just need to jump off the comfort zone cliff. 

When I can have the internal conversation with myself that I am being idiotic about being in the comfort zone it really is time to just get out of it. I do not have many comfort zones left and I believe their days are numbered.  Some people will say I am fearless or brave.  I say you are only as fearless as the biggest fear you face.  I am already in the process of facing my two biggest fears.  Savoring this moment is a big deal to me. 


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