On Love/Hate … warning this is a tad whiny.


On the topic of Love/Hate

I love the pictures I have gotten in the last 63 days of embracing the winter.  If you would like to refresh yourself 11/23/2013 was the blog that started this idea.  I hate the winter.  I am done with winter.   No more salt stains, no more cold feet, no more embracing this frigid and bleak weather. I have reached THAT point. I love/hate this time of year. This may even be the picture that brought me to this point.  I love this picture and I hate this picture. 

The idea was to see if the no trespassing sign still had any of my errrr….. handy work, let’s say, on it. It does not. I hate that what I might have done to “enhance” the sign was gone.  In its place was glaring orange that I have to grudgingly admit adds a nice spark of contrast. I hate that too.  I love the area and grudgingly what was done. This very easily brought home the idea of DONE.  It was cold when I took this picture.  What the hell is up with this cold???

I love the pictures I have gotten this year.  I hate the cold.  I hate the salt, dirty snow, cold, wet damp, dry and well everything else about this winter. I am cold almost all the time. I hate that winter rage is causing me to annoy myself.   Winter rage is actually a very serious problem for me.  Add into that I have a ridiculously cool spring to look forward to.  I can envision my life taking some turns that are so fulfilling; really those turns are already so far along I am already experiencing them.  I love that I feel those things happening now.  I hate that to a certain degree it takes spring to really make it all come to reality.  It is making this year’s winter rage much much worse.  So bad in fact that I have decided that winter is now going to be over February 1, 2014.  I love that I can be hopeful.  I hate that I am  25% sure I am setting myself up to be miserable come February 1. 2014.  That is the date for the light at the end of this winters dark tunnel I have now entered. 


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