I see Aliens.


I see an alien in here.  This picture makes me want to add and twist it.  It is as weird as the place I got it.  I was at a winter farmers market.  Now I know the farmers markets are gaining popularity.  A winter farmers market seemed odd to me. 

There were such things as beets, kohlrabi and winter squash to be had.  All of these things are alien to me as well.  Not only do all three of those things look odd to me they will more than likely never be in my kitchen.  It was also very strange to me prior to going to this farmers market that it was being held at the botanical garden.  It worked really well however. 

I was inside the building with my Pops.  We were warm.  We had fascinating things to take pictures of.  I even picked up some tamales and ravioli from the mushroom farm. It was incredibly busy. There were people everywhere with topics all over the place to shoot.  So I did the only thing I know how to do.  I took to many pictures inside the nice warm building.

I got some stock pictures, I got textures, I got flowers, I got colors and I got to hear my soul sing a little at the fun of shooting for the first time in a while. This had become an alien feeling as well.  It is after all hard to hear your soul sing when it is freezing.

Between the overnight in Chicago and this farmers market I was so rejuvenated that I went home and got about 8 hours’ worth of work done in 5 hours.  I was exhausted at the end of the day.


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