Look its the spring fairy!


I suspect that winter rage is turning into winter frustration.  There is a distinction between the two.  Times like this I try and have a little fun.  So meet the spring fairy.  I suggested on Facebook yesterday that shares and like might fuel her energy to make spring arrive by February 1st.

I am self-proclaimed hater of the like me/share me phenomena. I understand the need for social media in all of its forms. The only reason I did this yesterday was to take some rage and frustration out in a fun way while still making a bit of a statement. I also understand all the statistical data behind it.  So the right thing at the right time and you will get the right exposure.

Like winter this year it’s all too complicated to me.  These are not rules I can or will conform to.  I like what I actually like.  I share what I like only very occasionally.  If you have a great message, product, service, recipe or joke they will come.  Much like if I wish winter to be gone it will be.

Those two statements may seem to oppose each other.  I would rather look at those two statements and say it just may take time.  I choose to ignore the rules on either topic this year.  I might be setting myself up to fail some.  In the long run …. I win.


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