I will attempt to prove my point.


One of my major influences in photography happens to be my boss.  He might be a technical master behind the camera.  He shoots with a purpose.  His work is almost always technically right.   It was great to have an influence like him.  My shooting is very much from the feel of things.  It comes from a creative place.  We are dramatically different photographers. 

I straightened the picture off the numbers on the clock.  The intention was to have a not straight picture that is actually straight.  This is the length I will go to prove a point on the topic of straight or not. My boss and I had yet again another debate on straight pictures yesterday.  Words like Dutch Tilt were tossed out in the air violently.  No conclusion was reached, as usual.  Pictures that are not straight drive him batty.  This picture looks off.  I had a choice brick wall or clock.  Either way something was going to look off.  This is the kind of picture one should not look at for to long.  I think it will prove my point though.

So to prove the point I got this picture.  I am going to show it to him today.  I am going to take the bull by the horns.  His goal is to make me a better technical shooter.  My goal is for him to feel what he shoots.  Since neither one of us is stubborn I am sure this will work out just fine.


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