Who’s Vern? I am sure I would like to meet him!




One of the most special places in Milwaukee is Kochanski’s Concertina Beer Hall.  On any night there you will experience the best of Milwaukee people.  It also has the best sound in my opinion for music.  Bands just sound better there.  It is a place that you walk in and are taken back to an old school time.  The owner Andy Kochanski is friendly, eccentric and funny all at the same time.  He also makes an amazing friend.  After I decided to blog he came across a blogging for dummies book for me.  It helped so much. He takes his mission and the people who go there very seriously.

Since the first day I went there it was special to me.  I have been so fortunate to have met so many amazing people at this bar. The list is long and I do try and not name names here, however the song Lets have a party says it all to me.  It is never just about the drinking.  It is about atmosphere and people blending together from all walks of life. Politics, religion and other things like that never play a role here, only good music, good people and good times.  

Last night while I was there I felt my soul recharge.  I got to meet Vern for the 900th time.  Someone always makes sure to introduce me to him.  It has become a running joke.  Last night I had the added pleasure of dancing with Vern twice.  I got to see my guy bestie, my once a week drinks for girl time, talk with Andy all while enjoying amazing polka music.  Trust me when I say I was as happy as Vern looks in this picture.

It is a must go to place in Milwaukee.  You can follow the bar here:



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