Pictures paint a picture



The process of the POD has led to some sub groups of pictures.  Trees, garbage cans, picnic tables, patterns and signs are amongst those groups. After this long it is hard to get pictures in these areas that are really new and original to me.  Yesterday I got a bunch in each of these areas. 

It was a pretty successful picture day. I put up a few more in a different album here:

Each of these pictures is an addition to a group that I really have no purpose in doing. It could be that these pictures are really just for me.  I think that is untrue though.  I do continue to share them with others.  I have no intent to go beyond that.   I would hate to say these are pictures with no purpose because for me they hold a ton of reason and thoughts.  They all say something to me.

I think when you are compelled to create something you have to go with it.  Even if this pictures seem to be more than just a POD but less than art they have value.  It also helps me to put my thoughts in a visual format. 

I think this group really speaks to me about this winter.  I found such joy in it yesterday.  All these groups getting an addition in one day is unheard of.  At the same time one or two of these are really melancholy and almost sad.  Move on to the next one and it’s a totally different story. 

Pictures just paint a picture in groups that singly they cannot.  Even if the POD is a group there are certainly mini groups in there that are only rarely seen. I sometimes think one picture is just part of a story now.  I don’t know about you but my life is more than one picture.   In some ways I think this grouping says more about me than an entire month of POD pictures can say.


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