Snow Angel and a bonus pic too!


Some days when things are just not as they should be doing something crazy is the best approach.  Let me lay it out for you.  Here I am with a broken computer.  THE computer with all the software a gal could possible need in my situation.  All my files are backed up; the files are not a problem.  The software is.  I had the added pleasure of waking up to about 5 inches of snow having fallen.  Oh and did I mention a deadline for the art show stuff that required having certain software?

I woke up smiling and feeling goofy anyway, and I know why.  I am a very happy camper these days.  This was only mildly ruined by realizing my liquid cooling system blew up, literally.

At this point dontchya think snow angels sound nice?  I did.  Remy did.  Having a picture of this seemed very appropriate as the picture of the day.  What better way to prove that even in this maddening cold I am still embracing the cold.   I think that if you can smile and be goofy in the midst of whatever liquid cool system is blowing up you are in good shape.

I also know the following:  Remy slept for the rest of the day after playing in the snow with me.  I managed to accomplish being in the POD for another year.  I don’t mind if my picture is taken anymore because clearly this is not the most flattering of pictures, but it was fun.  I am still not thawed out. 

My last observation on this is that it felt as if I had to, HAD TO do these snow angels.   I think the snow angels were trying to be symbolic of something else I have to do. 



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