The Walking Selfie


Mutually beneficial creativity is a creative turn on for me.  I feel this overwhelming need to explore all different types of creative processes.   I could soak it up like a sponge and hold it all in.  This POD is an exploration on many levels.  I got the dreaded selfie.  Two months ago this would not have happened.  I am posting a picture of me two days in a row!  Craziness is ensuing!

Thanks to my stepson’s girlfriend I got to explore the special effect makeup process.  She is so talented.  Look at the job she did.  She is self-taught.  I believe that self-taught is one of the best ways to learn creative things.   She was in her element having fun with every minute of the night.  I could see the magic play in her eyes as she contemplated the next tearing of skin section. 

The layers, the laughs, and the smell of ammonia in the air made this night ridiculous fun.  The latex was cold, then hot and then heavy on my face.  The drippiness was slimy.  The process is so interesting.  After 2 hours of latex work she applied the makeup and blood in less than an hour.

Three hours of no talking, lots of laughs and one panic attack later I was done.  We took a whole barrage of pictures because I want to create a photo montage just to show off her skills.  And then it came off.   I was finally able to breathe right, eat, drink and joyfully speak!  All her work was so quickly undone.  I felt bad but then I realized that the montage and the memory was going to last forever.

I have to say that as my stepson worked on his homework for his accounting degree while his girlfriend worked on my face I had a sense of happiness that was overwhelming.  My roomies daughter helped with pictures and she did an amazing job which means a team effort will get the photo montage done. And in the end I have so much more respect for actors and make-up people.  Yikes!


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