The strength in support


Getting just over half of the final show pieces in one day is exciting.  Seeing it all come together is a really cool experience.  There will never be another first time for a first showing.  Yesterday I almost lost sight of that by getting overwhelmed by it all.  I was very overwhelmed. I had a hard time dealing with it.  It seemed to me that so many good things in my life at one time should not be overwhelming.

Some Jack Daniels, a bath and some encouraging conversation helped me out bunches.  Of course that list is in time order not helpfulness order. 

So today I am going to take a minute to say this is one hell of an adventure.  Every time I think it can’t possible get any better it does.  I have learned in the last few months that the more you keep your focus on the priorities that matter the better life gets.  I have learned in the past year that the more open you are about your feelings, thoughts and emotions the better life gets.  Most importantly I have learned that I have amazing support.  I have never been one to be too dependent upon others.   I am learning that being dependent does not make me weak.  I have found that if you have the right people to lean on it just makes you stronger.

While some might be sad at the realization that in the past the right people were missing I am joyous at knowing I have come a long ways.  I have come far enough to know who the right people are. I am damn lucky to have the right people in my life.

And so to those of you who do read this, you know who you are, thanks for making this adventure and my life even better.


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