Repition is ok … Ruts are bad.



I keep coming across bits of scene that demand to be the photo of the day.   Sometimes the photos take over.  It is as if my brain/soul/heart can’t refuse them.   If I think about why I can’t refuse the pictures I can see only one reason why the pictures win. 

Some may seem very repetitive.  Even though they are repetitive they are different and unique from each other.  I would love for people to be able to adopt the philosophy that if you look around you things change each and every day.  Your surroundings, your thoughts, and your moods are all a bit different every day.  Some days this is truer than others.

Since this has been happening more recently I had a long conversation with myself regarding the thought process.  The conclusion I reached is that while I strive to keep the POD fresh, interesting and new all the time there are days that it is ok to be repetitive with a purpose. 

The bottom line we stop paying attention to things like this getting stuck in a rut becomes a ton easier.  Ruts are bad.  Ruts kill the spirit.  Some would say that my POD is stuck in a rut when it gets repetitive. I disagree.  If you look closely there is something more there.


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