I find it amusing that the ladies head is coming out of the lamp shade.   For some reason this reminds me of being in over your head although there is nothing in this picture to say that.  What this picture does illustrate is the following:

This lady is somewhat in the dark.  This lady is hiding behind a lampshade.  She is hiding behind the only thing that is illuminating anything for her.  Being in the relative dark sucks and hiding behind the illumination is just blinding.  There is a ton of unknowns here.

 In fact, there are more unanswered questions than answers here.

What exactly made someone place this picture just behind the lamp or the lamp right in front of the picture?  What exactly is this place?  Why exactly is she so happy?  Why is it all condiments and no booze?  And yes I do ask myself am I sure that is a female?  Is the lamp crooked?  Is it bad that I relate to her? How many unanswered questions do I have? 

This could almost be a snapshot of my brain.  It’s not often I am truly disturbed by how I can relate to a picture.  Today is that disturbed day.  So, I will do the only thing I can.  I will listen to Disturbed.


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