Its not a beer can, it’s a can of happiness.


There is one reason alone I took this picture.   I could tell you it’s a minimalistic study on decay in the world.  That is not true though.  I could also say that this weekend has driven me to drink with the catchup of the imploded computer problem.  Also not true though.  The most I had to drink this weekend was a shot of Rumchata in my coffee. It could also be a statement on the ruin that alcohol can cause, you got it … not true either.  I can’t even try and pull off that I took the picture as an easy quickie for the POD because the fact is that rather than get out of my car in the blistering cold I drove around until I had the perfect angle on it.  As a result it was just not that easy or quick. 

What I can say about it is that originally it was not going to be a POD picture.  It got elevated to POD status because I simply had nothing better, in my mind.  I can say it reminds me of someone who is important.    I can also say that it makes me smile, just like that person does.

So I took it because it makes me happy.  Does a picture really have to be more than that?

In the end this is one of a few POD’s that I took for myself and only myself with no thought or care about the quality, vision or impact other than it made me smile.


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