The top secret sauce affair


My life goes in trends.  It seems like it always has and it always will.  The last couple of days many things have happened or are happening in secret.  This picture is one of those top secret things.  I could tell you what this is all about but then I would have to kill you.  Being that I am a non-violent person I will just keep the story to myself.

It’s interesting to me though that somehow all the top secret things ended up being somehow related to each other.  I really get amused at how many of these things I get involved in from time to time.  It is even trickier now with the blog.  So often my POD’s end up telling so much more of the story than the blog or picture can actually say.

Even though I appear to be able to put a ton of things out in the open the blog is proving to be a challenge but not because it is to revealing.  More so because of the things I can’t say because they relate to others around me.

This is a topic that keeps coming up over and over.  I am going to have to find a way to balance what I can and can’t say or show.   The reoccurring trend was really brought to light with this picture and group of things that must remain in the dark so to speak.


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