Pop Culture, fun and laughter


Artists have to be the artist they are.  If I could have chosen what type of artist I wanted to be it would have been pop culture.  My pop culture work is just not as strong as my constructive abstract work.  Even though I know I am a weak pop culture artist I really keep trying to improve upon it.

Sometimes you just have to have fun with things that you know you may never excel at but want to do anyway.  What better way than garbage pail kids?  It is just another way I can make sure I do not take myself too seriously.  I can play around in the pop culture art world and have fun with it without trying so hard that I weaken the quality of the work even more.  Maybe I will find one day that because of this I will have enough happy accidents that I could have a series of Pop Art. 

Really if you think about it that is what Pop Culture is really about happy accidents.  Pop Culture by its very nature is not to entirely series.  It’s easy to get wrapped up in the seriousness of things and forget to just have fun.  Fun and laughter is so important.  We should never need a reminder to have these two things in our lives. 


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