Die Happy Snow Man!


The following is a list of things I have contemplated during this cold, frigid, dark and dank winter.

  • Killing snowmen.  Yes I had fun building him.  I had more fun photographing the killing of the snowman.
  • Moving to Siberia because they have had a better winter.
  • Making a sacrifice to the weather gods.
  • Dancing a ritualistic dance for the winter gods … naked if need be. (In the privacy and confines of my own room, with the windows open and curtains closed for obvious reasons)
  • I would add snow angels here but I actually did that and am no longer contemplating it.
  • Moving to Mexico because the pictures my cousin is posting look so tropical and warm.
  • Hibernating like a bear.
  • Going to the Apostle Islands to see the ice caves.  This is not happening.  The last group that went there drove a ridiculous amount of time to be out in the cold for 6+ hours.  No thanks.  I just can’t do it.
  • Wearing flip flops and skirts after 2/1/2014 just to prove spring is indeed here.
  • Shooting the ground hog.  This will also not happen because he predicted 6 more weeks of winter.  However he is only right 37% of the time there for he made the right call statistically.
  • Giving up. More than likely this will not happen either.  It is not in my nature.
  • Enjoying the winter rage. Okay Okay this is probably happening.
  • This is not an all inclusive list believe me there is more.  Think of this as the highlights … maybe.

Some of this has gotten me through the horrors of this winter.  I will probably never again say I am going to embrace a winter.  I have tried to be true to it. I have kept myself going pretty well.  It would be my luck to try and do this on the most horrific weather year in 30 years. 

To everyone suffering winter rage and depression try and laugh to day even if it is at something absurd.


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