Every were you look there are signs.  Sometimes we don’t even see them.  Other times they are completely unexpected and happen at just the right time.  I believe in the power of belief.  I respect everyone’s right to believe as they will. 

My roomie and I were driving together to work and having a pretty deep discussion. Right at the exact moment she needed a sign there was this rainbow.  It did not last for long less than a minute.  Here I am in a car with a person who has very deep beliefs, a person that honestly needed a sign and there it was out of nowhere. The fact that it was a rainbow and had the meaning of hope was so perfect for where she was at right at that moment; it was exactly what she needed. 

Many of my pictures have the wonder of nature in them.  Many times I can catch a moment in time that is priceless.  How often though can I say my photo of the day is A MOMENT that is deep, profound and has singular meaning like this one did? It is magical.

The picture editing is not my norm.  My goal was to capture the rainbow and the moment for her so that she could have a picture of THAT moment.  She and I do not share the same beliefs exactly.  Her faith system is strong.  I can only say that having something like this happen proves how strong her faith is.  I was moved at having been able to experience it with her.

It really made me aware of where the POD can be lacking and where it can be amazing.  What if I did not have my camera with me all the time?  These moments are rare.  The entire instance is surreal.  It has been awhile since a picture moved me like this. It makes me glad that I did not leave my camera at home; I have been doing that lately because of the cold and the lack of motivation in this cold weather.

By the way, My room and I both agree that there is no way conditions were right for a rainbow to even happen. 


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