Enjoy the Chips and Salsa Life Offers You.


There are some topics I really detest talking about.  There are some battles in my brain that are very deep seated.   These battles come from years of me not understanding myself and there for getting into unhealthy relationships of all kinds.   I made a vow a bit over 4 years ago that anyone who is in my life is there by choice, my choice.   My choices have not always been good about who I let in my life.  Prior to 4 years ago I thought I had to be the one to work at keeping people in my life because if they left it was something I did wrong, I drove them away somehow.

Yesterday for various reasons I had a breakdown on my thinking.  I was cruel to myself.  It has been a long time since that happened.  It is a process you know.  Over time as you work on your thinking to be nicer to yourself these moments happen less and less.   It seems that the less they happen the worse it is when it does happen.  Yesterday was bad.

You might ask what does this have to do with chips and salsa?  That is easy.  Once I got out of work I knew that I needed to break up the process somehow.  Chips and Salsa with a good friend helped some.  I stayed true to my other vow of not holding things in over chips and salsa.  Sometimes just breaking the routine of normal life is what it takes.  It is that simple if I let it be that simple.  Stay focused on the things that matter, work out what bugs you and enjoy the chips and salsa that life offers you.


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