Rose of Sharyn


More often than not I listen to music.  Once in a while a video comes along where I want to watch music.  That is Rose of Sharyn for me.  This POD picture is very experimental.  It is two long exposures of that video that was playing.  I merged the two images in Photoshop.

Ever since seeing the song it was hard for me to actually hear the song.  I really wanted to create something from it.  This is the result. The fun thing about the POD is that it shows all the different sides of my personality.  The art work is the deeper side of me.  The painting is the kid in me.  The examples could continue but I think I have made the point.  The POD shows the quirks and everything else, just like in this case seeing music.  It is a great thing to have a tie that binds everything together.  I would probably feel discombobulated otherwise.

This picture is a bit discombobulated itself.  It shows a result that I had not intended the mood of the music seeped into it.  Again that is just like life for me all parts seep together.  No matter how I try to keep my personal planets from colliding they seem to.  It comes down to all parts equal the sum.

You can find the video>>>>>  Be warned it is pretty heavy but the visuals blow me away. ( I do like the song to just I like the visuals more)


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