Dead Roses


I actually like dead roses the best of all roses, which is not saying much because I really do not like roses at all.  One would think that I did this picture because of the upcoming day of love and affection.  I did not.   I had a grand plan for pictures last night that ended up being changed.  I had to grab something.  A plan getting changed really happens quite a bit to me.  I have to always have a couple of plans for the POD picture. 

Yesterday I had no plan b.  All I had is my roomies dead roses sitting in the kitchen looking cheerful.  I made it work.  Because I am not so good at flower photography I took about 15 pictures.  It seems like for me it should be much easier than 15 pictures for a shot like this. 

It really makes me realize that unless there are certain elements to a picture I do not enjoy doing the picture.  I like funny, I like experimental, I like expressive and I like things that suit me.  I may actually vow to never take a picture of a rose again.  It just does not suit me.


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