I Just Want Some Color!


Shapes are so disorienting in mass numbers.  It gets harder and harder to see what the shapes actually are.   There is no frame of reference in the masses.  There is nothing to set your sights on to see what these shapes might actually be.  Shapes become so bland in masses.

Now relate this out to any number of topics that there are masses of.  TV has reality shows.  Is there really any difference between ANY of the different counties housewives?    Mainstream media has masses of left and masses of right.  Any difference?   90% of any genre of music sounds so similar.

I long for the things that set themselves apart.  I crave things that are unique.  I want a different set of options. I want to see some masses of new and creative.  Maybe it is the never ending whiteness of outdoors this winter  …. I just want some color! 


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