Breaking the Law


Photographers get really intense about their laws.  Some days it makes me ridiculously mad.  Today’s blog POD was one of those days.   The rule in particular that got me today was:  Giving people what they want to look at means taking out parking lots, electrical lines, street lights (unless of course they add to the picture) and generally having a utopian view, none of that messy stuff please.

I want reality in my pictures.  Reality adds depth, scale, emotion, and says something that not many photographers say.  I like the world the way it is NOT the way others want to view it.  I like reality. I like that while it’s a nice view it’s a reality check as well.  This picture as it was shot is how I viewed it (minus that I was in the car a good amount of the time as it is cold).  I saw the snow drifting over the parking lot, I saw the sunrise being beautiful, I saw the bridge being in perfect position and I saw it like this.  Why should a picture be any different?

Breaking the law helps creative types to stand out.  If you read yesterday’s blog you can see that I might just be on a rampage against rules, lack of creativity and otherwise parroting what others do.  I am guilty of it, we all are but it’s how often are you guilty of it that matters.


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