Alive and Kicking


Insert Simple Minds here) … oh ok I will.

Sometimes dealing with me is difficult or troublesome for various reasons.  I am obstinate, stubborn and a victim of my own thinking.  I am impatient and in some cases demanding.    My brain wanders at odd times, I prioritize differently than most and I enjoy shooting myself in the foot.  Sometimes when I really really care about something I can be self-destructive; I work on this more than anyone can know.  I worry. I worry a lot.  By a lot I mean a ridiculous I should be in a strait jacket kinda way.

I can’t say I am sorry for any of this.  If I am going to be sorry for anything about who I am it is when I find I can’t find the words to say what I want to say.  I find it so much easier to create them.   When the words will not come, the creating starts.  That is today’s little creation.

 It’s a pretty bold statement if the translator worked correctly.  If it did not … well it could be problematic.  But three translators and my brain are not wrong I am sure of it.  If nothing else I know I am not wrong.

It frustrates me to no end that this was so much easier to create than to just say.  On the other hand wow it felt amazing to create it.  Mostly because I unlike, well anyone else really, knows exactly where it comes from.   And for now I guess that is mine to hold onto.


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