Mad Genius!


Walking into the studio of my printer is like being transported to another dimension.  The art work is eclectic and often humorous.  The music wafting through the studio is always amazing.  He is a photographer and in my opinion a printing genius.  Time spent in this space is always educational, inspiring and in many cases comical.  Visually the space is amazing to the senses.  It is as if this place manages to touch all of the senses.  You walk out and you know you have had a full experience that might take days to fully comprehend.

One day when I have a real study I will take pride in copying his format.  The artwork may not be the same but the feel and energy will be.  Every time I leave there I am more inspired.  My printer is a kind, gentle and helpful soul.  He is a mad genius with his printing.  I knew how important a printer could be.  I never understood until I came across this guy!

Today’s picture is actually a part of a larger piece of art work that includes a mounted deer head in his studio.  I could look at parts of this piece for hours.  If you are in the Milwaukee area and need a printer that is beyond amazing, let me know.  I will gladly share his information. 


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