The Devil Inside


Two of my favorite things in a nonsensical way in the same picture is fun.  There is nothing wrong with a well-placed ducky.  There are only beautiful things to the Brownie.  I own a Brownie. Not this Brownie but another one.  I own several evil ducks.  Not this evil ducky.

To see these two together brings to mind my childish side and my nostalgia side.  Both of these sides play a prominent role in my personality.  I still am a kid and I was born in the wrong era.  It is actually hard for me to keep nostalgia out of my art work.  In the work I do it has no place. 

Seeing someone else have these two thing placed together was rewarding!  I love the fact that the ducky is evil because at the moment I tend to think my evil trickster side is being aided and abetted and so it is growing.  Not a bad thing at all.

I think a little devil inside (no no no not INXS! shoot the song is in my head now) … anyway a little devil inside is a good thing.  It is playful.  It adds to life.  Should the devil be on top?  Maybe not but that might be digging to far into the picture.  Right?


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