Seemingly Unconnected …


Pinecones, keys and dominoes have nothing in common.  Except that in this work of art they all seem to connect up somehow.  Looking at this piece it is evident that it works.  If you see the blog of a few days earlier with the cards and light bulbs; this is a part of the same piece.

It’s the idea that things are not connected but yet you can connect them up in the right situation.  I have had so many circular conversations as of late it is beginning to make me question what I thought I knew.  Clearly, what I thought I knew was not nearly enough to know about life and its mysteries.

In fact how completely random things can and do come together is amazing.  Then I took a few steps back and thought about it more, I did this one more than on occasion.  I realize now that circles are good because they do not end.  I understand upon reflection that my art work takes the same set of random things and brings them together.  By the time I am done no one part is entirely recognizable.  In fact I can take pipes from Baraboo, WI and add in flowers from Chiang Mai, Thailand and make it work somehow. If that is not random I really do not know what is.

My deepest conclusion here is life is random, art is random and well everything is random, which makes it all so much more amazing.


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