Oh that hat reminds me!


The mentor I work with has certain guidelines.  When he wares this hat he says it is time to take him seriously.  Personally,  I try and always to take him seriously.  He has never given me bad advice.  Although, recently his answer is some thing like “Rosie, what ever choice you make I do not see how you would choose the wrong choice”

He has certain guidelines.  Approach things with no rules.  Commit to the idea.  Sooth out the tiniest of rough edges.  All of these guidelines are great.  If you live life by your core values you will never break a rule you regret.  If you commit to an idea it will get created.  Smoothing out the edges makes a better statement.

If I take all these things and put them together its amazing simplified guide.  In fact all of this applies to way more than just art.  It might just be a little crazy but it is almost my anti patience argument.  I type this out and think of all that he has taught me and I want to apply all of it to life. This is not going to help my impulse control issue at all.


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