The ridiculous beer updates


I have in my possession now about 2,100 beer bottle caps.  This is progress.  It is a bit slow going but that is ok.  I think it will be easier in summer.  I hope.

I also wanted to check out Discount Liquor in Milwaukee.  I had not been there since the expanded their beer selection.  Honestly, I really was not a beer junkie at that time either.  Now because of a certain influence in my life I can’t drink regular beers anymore, not even as a chaser.  I love every minute of it.

To say that I was intimidated by the selection Discount Liquor now carriers is an understatement.  My head was spinning and suddenly I knew there was no possible way to make any type of decision.  I had to calmly stop, think about the options, ponder what I have learned and then finally weed through the aisles to try and make sense out of it. 

No easy task.  I really want to learn more on this topic. I have learned that I like porters and wheat beers.  I have learned that I do not like IPA’s.   I was scared I would not like Sam Adams, I do… although I felt it might be a bit on the strong side.

I was raised a beer and whiskey girl.  I had a stretch where wine was what I was learning about.  I really do want to revisit that.  I found so far that I enjoy beer far more than wine.   Next up after learning more is learning the pairings with food. 


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