I want what I can’t have!!!


Crazy people do crazy amazing things.  There is a guy in Baraboo, WI that has created Dr. Evermore’s Futuretron.  You can see pictures here https://www.facebook.com/rosie.hartmann.1/media_set?set=a.332000100180737.70967.100001122481885&type=3

There is the guy in Oconomowoc, WI with the amazing sculpture.  You can see these pictures here https://www.facebook.com/rosie.hartmann.1/media_set?set=a.431957643518315.92723.100001122481885&type=3

Then there is Jurustic Park near Marshfield, WI.  Sadly my album was harmed in other processes and I will need to go back this summer.  (I promise I will!)

And then there is this place in Waukegan, IL.  Of all the places I want to get into and take pictures of this might be the top.  It used to be that you could tour it does not appear that it is possible anymore. It’s just another lesson in wanting what you can’t have.  I find on days I encounter these things that if I look at what I do have its twice as amazing as what I could have had in that moment.

In the moment I saw this place I wanted in and was disappointed that I could not get in. However, looking back at other pictures made it all better somehow.  It just a lesson we can’t have everything we want.  It’s ok that we can’t. Sometimes what we have is just as good or even better.


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