What draws us in



This is not my normal subject matter.  I was drawn to this sculpture.  The city had somewhere around 10 different sculptures like this.  Almost any other one would have been more my kind of sculpture.  I saw this one and instinct took over.  Next thing you know I had stopped talking, stopped walking and really just started taking a bunch of pictures. I was just drawn into this sculpture.

Now I am sure anyone who wants to could potentially come up with all kinds of imaginings of why I was drawn into this picture.

There is only one thing to take out of this.  Emotions that we feel draw us into a creative process.  Sometimes those emotions are out of our normal.  Sometimes they are compelling and seem to take over.  Sometimes those emotions are more instinctual that anyone realizes.  That instinct if we let it just flow through us takes us on a completely new rides in life and creatively. 

Things that draw us in should never be ignored.  The emotions that cause this should be explored with excitement and enthusiasm. I know that this picture draws me in.  I know why.  I love that this happened to me.  Somehow it’s like finding a better me.


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