What an amazing winter!


The first time I saw a coopers hawk outside my window at work I took 178 pictures of it.  That was Feb, 2, 2012.  It sat on this same branch you see in this picture for three hours or so.  I believe that it is the same coopers hawk.  I saw it last year but did not have my camera that day. This year I saw it yesterday.  I took 7 pictures this time.  (Progress right?) It is always in February and it sits here for 3-4 hours.

Coopers hawks have a symbolic meaning of creative force.  February is my hardest month to be creative.  I typically call it my dead month.  This creative block seems to hit in winter and peak in February. The fact that I see this hawk every year in February is astonishing to me.  Every year I am a little bit in awe of it.  Every year I self asses at this time:  how I am doing on the creative front? 

This year was easier.  It was a creative flow that I have never seen in February for myself.  Maybe embracing winter was just what I needed.  As we go into arctic blast 4.0 I am not even dreading it.  It is possible that the events of this winter have really helped me to find myself in a new and interesting way.  After this winter I can say I will never view winter the same again.  It has been a delightful winter on several fronts.  In fact, if I take the weather out of it this winter has been downright joyous.

Yes this evil, long and cold winter could destroy creativity; instead what I found in the end is that I may never look at winter the same again.  I know that as I read back over the blog from the day I said I would embrace winter there are some moments where a certain attitude of defeat may show up.  I would much rather look at the entire journey as a whole. 


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