Where does it all end and begin?


I think after the last few days of creative overload that is the question I am asking myself.  I think it is partially why I wanted to play with this picture some.  It had all kinds of lines, shapes and colors.  Once I got the ugly parts out of the picture it reminded me of The Witch, the Lion and the Wardrobe.  From there it was pretty easy to run with that idea and find a way to blend it all together.

That seems so similar to how my POD, art and blog work.  I just blend them together.  Sometimes I really have to wonder where it all starts.  Am I looking for pictures because I have an idea to blog?  Am I blogging on something that I want to create or is it just a POD picture that day. It is my personal chicken vs egg argument.

Changes in daily life (like doing a blog) fundamentally change how you approach your creative process.  It causes that change because you are putting new and different effort into it.  It is important to me that when these changes in daily life happen that I take a step back and recognize that something is different.  I think once you do that you can use that to your creative advantage.


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