Celebrate a bit and slack off!



This is just one of those shots that was meant to get me through a POD.  At the very least when I know I just need a picture and can’t take the time for whatever reason to really work it I look for color and form.  That might seem like a really loose rule but even that can be hard at times. 

I had that thought yesterday that today I would work really hard on the next one.  I am in a competition with myself.  I feel I fail when I have too many just to get a shot pictures.  I know I can’t always be hard on myself to strive to be better every day.  The juggle is when to allow myself the slack.

Too much slack gets a person into a rut pretty quickly.  Yesterday seemed like a good day to slack.  I had gotten good news on a few fronts and a break seemed in order to celebrate at least just a little bit.


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