Static Much?


I set out to do the blog and keep to a very simple set of rules.  The blog would be daily.  The blog would be about the POD picture in some way.  One would think that even I could keep to this very simple set of rules.  That is simply just not true.

Every time I get a different car I have one goal.  Do not blow the speakers.  One would think I could adhere to that one goal.  I view today’s blog as being like the car speakers.  It’s just not possible.

I created a picture yesterday from some experimental ideas.  I did post the picture.  I am extremely pleased with the progress on it. You can see it here:  (the POD is always public).  Then something better came along.   While this is not the perfect picture technically its just to dam cute to not post. Its taken with my windows phone which i really have not mastered entirely.  At least I got the picture!

In that instant of seeing this picture I knew I was going to fail on the blog rules.  I love humor.  I love my dog. I enjoy bending rules or just breaking them.   I give myself some credit though; I stayed true to the rules for 4 months!


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