Taking the easy path



It’s my sculpture made out of garden tools.  Since I have no green thumb I think the sculpture is better suited to my likes.  This is my early bird of spring.  Lord knows that is the only spring bird I have yet to see.  At least it is colorful and crazy looking.  Beyond that it was a chance to work on my still life photos.  They are not my strong point.  I would count this one as one of my tops actually.

The lighting is right.  The colors stick out.  It’s fun.  It is also absolutely lacking in every other way.   I have to admit to being in a rush to get out the door and go have Sunday Bloody Mary’s with my closest friends.  We laughed and laughed.  There are days things like this outing are so much more important than a better POD.  I will never feel bad for taking the easy path on some occasions.  To many photographers forget to enjoy moments rather than photographing them.


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