To Battle!


I am in rebellion.  I refuse to post winter pictures anymore.  This is not the end of me embracing winter.  I will embrace being at war with winter.  Watch out I am going to battle. 

Battle is when you rise against that which holds you back.  Battle is when you take a one two punch at that which holds you down.  Battle is when you decide to rise up against all that is wrong in the universe you are the sun in.

When you find the get up and fight inside of you to strike back you might be your most powerful self.  Enjoy todays nice serene SUNNY picture because tomorrow brings a picture of what battling winter looks like.

Plans are made.  Preparation is under way.  The mess that will ensue will bring sunshine to the soul even if it is not in the sky. I shall win!  I shall overcome the darkness winter has put into my soul.  More so, what I go forth to do today is going add color to this white white world I live in at the moment. 

This might be one of my noblest battles ever.  Wish me luck.  There is much at stake.  Amish militants, local police, cold weather, scrooges of the neighborhood and attack penguins cannot stop me now!


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