If winter had color we would all be a little less upset.  The sterile white look has got to go. It is too clinical.  It zaps my soul.  I need color!  This picture is just one part of the color I decided to add. See pictures here

Surprisingly the neighbors were not upset and even seemed to like it.  I know the group of us that did this had a blast doing it.  We all felt better about life.  Even the roomie, that usually just looks at me like I am nuts, got in on it yesterday.   I might be rubbing off on her.  She was the one with the idea for the icicles.  I consider that a second minor victory.

I have to believe that I won this battle against winter.  Last night in a feeble attempt on winter’s part to fight back it snowed yet again.  Winter failed! It was enough snow to change the look of the color without destroying it. 

Even Mother Nature has to respect color! At the very least Mother Nature was not committed to the fight!  I win!


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