Lose Yourself


Keeping the eye on the prize at times is difficult.  No matter what happens or how bad a day is I like to remind myself of what is good.  Then I like to toss in that I only allow myself one day of feeling the pressures of it all.  That was yesterday.  This picture is what was good about yesterday.  While it does not include everything good about the day … you get the idea. It is definately missing a phone, the phone should be in it but its not and that is my bad.

I am super freaking lucky to have great people in my life.  Without them it would be so much harder to lose myself in the moment so that I can own it.  I truly hope that you are singing that song now in your head and that it is motivating you as it does me. 

Now off to see what I can conjure up for this weekend to hit some of those moments I want to own. 


Oh and PS:  Thanks to my stepson for the help setting up the picture.  He had a pretty rotten day himself I would say.


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