Dogs are so much better at putting their expressions right out in the open for all to see than humans are.  I believe this is one determined dog.  It struck my right as I took this picture that I am in need of a determined look.  I want some fierce look that tells people I am serious.  I want to be this determined.

This is only an issue at the moment because I have some areas of life, career and the pursuit of happiness that are causing me a bit of trouble at the moment.  I have already staked the claims of what I want and where I am going.  It became complicated on several  fronts in the last week. 

Specifically I am lacking answers in three areas.   Those answers on how to go about things is causing me trepidation.  The problem is I am at the point where other people have to provide some guidance.   It is out of my control on all fronts. 

The magic eight ball phone app is not helping me either.  (OK to be honest it rarely helps but I thought maybe in my time of need it might).  It is entirely possible that over the next few days I will get more answers that are not helpful on all three fronts.

I want my determined face now. I do not care what the results are because I will succeed but in order to get on with succeeding I need answers.


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