Absolutely Freaking Fearless!


This picture is a bit of scene from a company called Pixologie.  In the picture are my Grandparents and my nephew’s toy.  Pixologie has a mission to help people with their photos from slides and negatives right up to digital.  One of the things I do not talk too much about is the importance of pictures.  This company takes it as a mission to help people out so that they do not lose their pictures. More importantly though they help make the pictures useable and not just stored away for future generations to just ignore.

They take it so seriously in fact that the partners have completely risked it all to launch this company.  I suppose you could say that I am biased because one of the partners is my sister.  That might be true.  You can’t deny though that risking everything to follow a dream is not an amazing thing.

It inspires me with the risks I take to be bolder.  While I could not quit my day job and run with what I do the thought of it is liberating.  Watching these gals risk it all is terrifying and exhilarating to watch as a family member.

It seemed to me on the first visit to their new offices that are not furnished all the way that I had to find something for the POD.  It is a day worth remembering to me.  The beginning of a dream is the hardest part and deserves to be celebrated repeatedly.





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