The Art of Doing Nothing


We all have to recharge sometime.  Especially when you are busy doing nothing is actually doing something.  I need reminders of that.  I get reminders of that.  Sometimes I listen, sometimes I do not.  The goal was to be focused.  Sometimes I am over focused. 

This picture was a quickie I got before work on Friday.  Yesterday I did not even post it.  That is how much I did not do yesterday.  I posted it this am.  Doing the POD, the Blog, the art and working a very demanding job all while getting ready for my solo show is getting difficult.  On top of all of that I had plumbing issues this weekend.

Yesterday was the day of doing nothing.  It is when you finally slow down enough to relax that you realize how fatigued you are.   Nothing has never felt so good.  Even Remy (the normally over energized dog) seemed to get it yesterday.  She dutifully cuddled with me for most of the day.

I like to think I can do it all. Maybe I just need to add nothing in as part of doing it all on a more permanent basis.


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