I don’t know.


Do I trust this picture?  It looks like nice weather.  Snow is melting. Birds are chirping. People are out walking their dogs. The temperature says 52 degrees on my phone.  Is this real?  The answer happily is yes it was real.  You could see an immediate change in the disposition of people.

That does not answer the question of do I trust this picture, however.  I just don’t know that I did.  I was proven correct in that untrusting feeling I was experiencing.  Snow is on the way.   I am not upset by the snow that is coming.  I view it as a beautiful goodbye to winter.  One last snow storm might not be so bad.

I think that this might be a good opportunity to take a step back and breath deep before spring is actually here.  For a good part of winter all I wanted was spring to be here.  Now that it is almost here I want that chance to breath deep for a minute.

Life is about to change in a few ways for me.  I don’t know if I am ready.  I don’t care if I am not though.  It is almost spring and that means riding the most interesting roller coaster life has offered me in a bunch of years, whether I am ready or not.


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