If only pigeons could paint


It’s the kind of picture that makes me want to spice things up.  Serenity is good.  Peace is good.    I love peace and serenity.  I need chaos.  I think the pigeons need chaos as well.  Watching them yesterday morning was fun.  The picture does not capture it well, you get well lethargic pigeons. It was the calm before the chaos.  What I saw was controlled behavior, kamikaze intentions and near collisions.  This sounds like how I paint.

I have no idea how I get to painting watching pigeons.  I do not actually think I care how I got to painting from pigeons.  I care about making the painting happen.  I want splashes of color confronting each other on paper, through the air and on paint brushes.  I want colors colliding.  I want a chaotic cohesive mix of acrylic and spray paint on paper and I want it now.


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