Spray Paint, Inspiration, Quarters and Survival!


I have this picnic table out on my back deck.  Last summer it became an evolving piece of creativity.  Countless people who have been to my house have grabbed a can of spray paint and added their flair to this picnic table.  Smiley faces, elephants and giraffes have all graced this table. Abstract splatter painting has graced this table.  Some days it changes daily and other times it takes a week.  More projects have been done on this table than anywhere else in my home.  It has become during warm weather times a source of constant amusement. 

You never know what you are going to find on this table.  About the only constant has been these two quarters. Somehow they survived all the people, weather and animals that find their way to this table.  The quarters remain tied to this spot somehow.  I think that is incredible.  Creativity is survivable!  Creativity is also evolving! 

Now that the never ending winter is past I am eager to re-create this table yet again.  This year I am going to add in stencils that I created and I am going to add in some of the amazing techniques of some very amazing spray paint artists like Masumi Lutz.  A video of him at work can be found at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wdNduJWp2kQ. I may never be this talented, I am that inspired by him though.


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